10 Closet Staples for the Working Woman

10 Closet Staples for the Working Woman

Life as a female dentist can be incredibly busy and stressful. From seeing patients all day and doing procedures to doing the paperwork, you are constantly on the go. So, when the weekend rolls around and you have a bit of time, you want to dress up for an event or a night out. You deserve it!

But I know from personal experience that shedding of the scrubs and finding something fashionable to wear can be frustrating. I think people just assume that dentists have free-flowing money that they spend on designer clothes that they can whip out any time. While this is possible for some of us, the rest definitely struggle.

So to help my fellow dentists out, I have compiled of closet staples that will make dressing up much easier for you. These staples are not only timeless in regards to fashion but also versatile enough to work on various occasions. By having these a part of your wardrobe, you are sure to feel like your sophisticated and fashionable-self.


1.     The Plain White Tee

You can never go wrong with a white tee. You probably have one already in your closet. Wear it with the right bottoms, shoes and accessories and you’ll be set!


2.     Cashmere/Sweater

You will find a cashmere sweater on every staple list. Dentist or surgeon, you can wear it a pair of jeans, straight-leg trousers, or a skirt of your choice. You can work it in many ways for any occasion.


3.     Silk Blouse or Simple Button Down

For a more formal look, a basic silk blouse or button down can make you look put-together. Again, we add this as a staple as it works with skirts and trousers. In fact, if you want a more casual outfit, you can wear it with jeans too.

4.     The LBD

’You need a little black dress!’ said every working and non-working woman. And rightly so – because it is, in fact, a no-brainer closet staple. Something very basic that comes down to mid-knee length is perfect. With the right shoes, makeup and accessories, you can make it work for the office or a night out in the city.

5.     The Blazer

A trendy, yet basic blazer is an essential for every female dentist. It changes the entire look and adds a specific level of boss-woman feel to it. But make sure that you get one that is sized right and flattering on your silhouette. You’ll be surprised how the right fitting makes all the difference!

6.     Trench Coat

Whether you commute on public transport or not, a classic trench coat in a neutral color is a statement piece. Not only is it practical for keeping your clothes clean but it also adds a little something to the entire outfit.


7.     Trousers

One or two pair of black/navy/grey trousers of any kind steps up any casual outfit to look a bit dressier. You can pair these with a white tee, cashmere or the silk blouse and the outfit will automatically become chic.


8.     Mid-Length Skirt

If you like to wear skirts, a midi skirt is a perfect staple. You have the option of pencil, flared or tulip cuts. Either way, they are flattering on most silhouettes and can make you feel glamorous when paired right.



9.     Pumps

When it comes to shoes, I will recommend a pair of high-quality pumps and ballet flats. Heels are definitely preferable and rightly heralded as a staple as they make an outfit dressy but ballet flats can also work when paired right.


10.     Accessories

I know this is not just one staple. But accessories are important as they can take a casual outfit and make it dressy. This includes fine jewelry like a simple gold necklace with a delicate pendant, a string of small pearls, a few delicate rings, stud earrings, a high-quality watch, and minimal bracelets if you like wearing them.

Along with that, a good quality scarf, leather belt, black or brown medium-sized handbag, a weekend bag, and a pair of boots for the chilly season are also staples you need in your closet.



This concludes my recommendations. Remember that these are only recommendations from one perspective. You can add or take from this list and make it your own to match your personal style. You do what makes you feel and look the best after spending the day in scrubs. That’s what fashion is!

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