Hi I'm Dr. Jumoke

“The statistics were stacked against me since birth. There is nothing in my background that would predict I would be where I am today, besides my unwavering faith in a higher power, maniacal drive and determination to be and do my absolute best. Yes, I was born with a genetic disease. Yes, I had to leave a country going through political upheaval to get an education. Yes, I have lost two sisters at an early age to cancer. And, I’ve buried both parents. But, all of those things, as heavy as they were, didn’t stop me from manifesting my American Dream. I graduated number one in my dental class, built a multi-million dollar Implant practice and have the most amazing husband and children imaginable. You see, I decided at an early age, I get to decide my fate, no one else. Now, I want to help other women in implant dentistry do the same!”

-Dr. Jumoke Adedoyin

My Mission

To embody, through my daily actions, what it means to make each moment count. To live life boldly, and demonstrate my love for people through my personal connections and interactions. While always taking 100% responsibility for my life—and not letting anyone else dictate how far or high I can go.

The Call

Having two elder brothers as doctors and the fascination with providing people care was what drove Dr. Jumoke to want to become a dentist from a young age. Starting her journey at the Clark Atlanta University, she set on the journey to make her life-long dream come true.

While today she stands at a significantly privileged position, Dr. Jumoke has had her fair share of trials and tribulations in the journey to get here. For instance, she faced financial troubles when she was completing her undergrad and then again in dental school. These moments became pivotal points in both her personal and professional lives.

The Fight To Stay Above Water

She became determined to see through what she had started and gained all that she could from it. As a result, Dr. Jumoke may have lost quite a few nights of partying and socializing to studying in her dorm room but it allowed her to have laser focus and graduate top of her class from Howard University College of Dentistry in 2001.

After that, began her journey as a black female dentist in a field that was mostly dominated by white men. But having a strong and focused intention, unwavering faith in God, and faculty in dentistry, she had guiding lights with her. To say that this helped her navigate through her journey is an understatement. Her success in running a multi-million dollar dental practice is a testament to it.

19 years of overcoming various kinds of surmounting challenges have taught Dr. Jumoke not just how to thrive professionally but also personally. Her success in having a fulfilling personal and family life along with a successful career is proof that you can climb the professional Everest without compromising your personal life.

Finding Purpose

To help aspiring female dentists to do just that, she has now set off on a journey to impart all that she’d learned over her years in the industry. While work-life balance and personal growth are important areas of her training, she also offers a dental implant training continuum.

After falling in her line of expertise ‘accidentally’, Dr. Jumoke fell in love with the removable prosthodontics side of dentistry. Then after graduating, she took her interest a few steps further and specialized in dental implants, centering her practice on implant surgery.

The opportunities that came from it allowed her to run a practice with a loyal team that is committed to providing the best dental care that they can. Not just that, but they do that at a price that their target demographic would not be able to afford otherwise.

Combining all the lessons she had learned from her professional endeavors and personal life challenges, she plans on imparting knowledge to the future leaders in dentistry. Her comprehensive approach towards her training courses and speeches delve deeper into how one can reach personal satisfaction while still being able to transform smiles.