Life – Work Balance: Myth or Fact?

Putting Up The Walls: Is Work-Life Balance a cliche?

Life-Work Balance is this a Myth or Fact?

Women have it the hardest! Being a woman dentist can be even more harder and exhausting. I know this because that’s mine and myriads of women’s daily experience:  wake up, get the kids ready for school, pack lunch, get to work (on time), deal with patients, clinic staff and finally head home, but wait. It’s soccer practice night, then make it home in time to whip up something quick and nutritious for dinner and fall into bed… And start all over tomorrow.

Balancing work and personal life is a daily struggle. There is no work-life balance without an understanding of your priorities and making the best use of your time and resources to make those priorities attainable. I have found that I need to set hard ground rules for my self in order to have the life I desire. For me, a balanced life includes being available for all my children’s special events, taking trips with my family and some critical self- love moments for me.

In focusing on what is important for me, I made the decision to sell my private practice and join the Affordable Dentures and Implants network. This step has enabled me to have a steady stream of income, do what I love and be available for my family. Not being stressed all the time has made me a better clinician, and a more attentive mother and wife.

What’s important to you? Making more money? Traveling? Exercising? Whatever it is, because there are finite hours in the day, you have to make time matter and a be a great time manager.

Below is a list of 6 Things You Can Stop Doing Today to Free Up Your Time:

  1. Give up some social media time. An average person spends one hour on Facebook each day
  2. Schedule family vacations each year and put it on your work calendar
  3. Turn off your phone for a set period after work to focus on the family or a hobby (reading, gardening or napping)
  4. Learn to say no (it’s okay not to go to that happy hour)
  5. Change your work schedule. It’s okay to have a non traditional work schedule if it keeps you sane!
  6. Delegate responsibilities to members of your support system so you are not overwhelmed (hire a nanny or housekeeper if needed)

Owning your practice and having a family are not mutually exclusive. And you can have them both without sacrificing your quality of life. It starts with the decision to Enjoy the life you have!

                          Its time to enjoy the life you worked so hard to get!

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