Dr. Jumoke Adedoyin

The Heart of the Matter: Stress and burnout among Dentists is a real thing that is not widely discussed.

Dr. Jumoke, get’s to the heart of the matter after being faced with the gaping reality of watching close colleague marriages break and the ensuing suffering from financial and mental health stress related illnesses due to lack of great coping mechanisms.

Dr. Jumoke is a thought leader coaching women on running a successful practice and balancing life-work responsibilities including speaking engagements on various topics such as:

  • Depression among female dentists (a silent killer due to the stigma)

  • Women in Dentistry

  • Mental health wellness

  • Life work balance

  • Entrepreneurship for the female owner

  • Black women in Medicine

  • Implant Dentistry Mentorship

``Female dentists seek me when they need to get unstuck or are looking for mentorship.`` - Dr. Jumoke

A little bit more information about Dr. Jumoke:

  • Mother of three

  • Married 18 years

  • Holds a fellowship and Mastership in the International Congress of Implantology

  • Holds a fellowship and Mastership in the American Academy of Implant Prosthodontists

  • Clinical Faculty with Implant Pathway, a dental implant training continuum

Dr. Jumoke is a sought after faculty member at Implant Pathway and Director at the Atlanta Dental Implant Mastermind.

The Atlanta Dental Implant Mastermind is a brainstorming, educational peer mentoring and support group. Our focus is Implant dentistry. Our purpose is to ignite passion for implants,  to raise the bar in the Dental Implant profession. The Atlanta Dental Implant Mastermind educates, mentors and challenges our members to set, achieve and exceed their goals. Providing honest, but compassionate feedback, we encourage our members to further ignite their passion for implants, challenge the industry status quo and create a healthy work-life balance.